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Welcome to Montessori Ageing Support Services

Montessori Ageing Support Services (MASS), a division of the Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF), is the national peak body for supporting quality of life for older Australians through the Montessori approach. In particular, it oversees training, consulting, promotion and endorsement of enriched Montessori environments for older people receiving care services.  It promotes independence, self-esteem, choice and meaningful activity through the recognition of individual strengths, needs, interests and the establishment of expertly prepared environments.

Montessori Ageing Support Services Values

  MASS treats each person as an individual, honouring their history, experience, relationships and capabilities. MASS respects each person’s need for care and consideration and understands the importance of being able to exercise individual choice, preference and independence throughout life.
  MASS is uncompromising in its commitment to meeting quality standards in the delivery of aged care services, and achieving quality outcomes for each person to enable life to be lived as fully as possible.
  MASS is driven by a commitment to altruism, expressed through the equitable provision of services to all Australians in need of aged care support, and responsive to diversity in socio-economic status, location, culture, language, gender, sexuality, and health.

Montessori Ageing Support Services Flyer
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